Resources and Information for Special-Needs Empowerment

RISE for Families offers free emotional, educational, and logistical support to families of children with special needs. We will listen to your story and help you learn about the resources and services available to meet the specific needs of your family. We will research and locate free services, such as public education and support groups. We will also help you navigate the tedious insurance process for obtaining medical services, such as therapy and adaptive equipment.

Consider some of our recent client testimonials:

Laura has been extremely helpful to me, navigating through insurances, community resources, schools, grants, etc. This overwhelming process of me trying to find a provider/services for my daughter over the past two years, was accomplished by Laura in less than two weeks. Laura asked questions, stayed in contact with me and offered me alternative solutions. Words cannot express my gratitude to Laura and the abundance of time she spent working to find a solution, on my behalf. I wholeheartedly recommend Laura's services to others, she's a true advocate for children!! -- Terri C.
My son is 6 and has high functioning autism.  He'd been doing well in public school with support but began to have some behavior issues.  I was totally lost trying to find help.  Laura and Ally from RISE for Families offered support.  They understand that trying to find the best services in the world of special needs is a full time job.  They were able to listen to my story, help me find services for my immediate needs and for the long term. I highly recommend them if you are new to world of special needs or have been in it for a while and just not sure where to turn next. -- Rebecca R.

Let RISE for Families be your personal assistant in advocating for your child with special needs! For generic inquiries about what we offer, submit our Contact form. To reach out with specific concerns about your family, use our Service Request form. Thank you for your interest in RISE for Families!